Does your company connected online as 5 million people are waiting to hear your voice? We are social and that is why we interact with hundreds or even thousands of people to create, share and exchange information and ideas. Social media have brought the power of word-of-mouth to a large audience involved in marketing on the Internet. If you are not leveraging the power of social media then you are late as 5 million people are waiting to hear the voice of your company.Connect Bangladesh Ltd. can help you to accelerate your social media success with our proven holistic social media strategy. Leave all the hard work to us and from today achieve higher return of investment (ROI) for your marketing investment

Traditional Business Vs New Business

It has been a challenge for traditional Business to deliver the right product or service at a right time. However, we are in the midst of digital revolution where social media will help us as a booster. Social media is changing the way we do business; as word of mouth influences customer perceptions and purchasing decisions most. That’s where Softwindtech comes in. We can offer sophisticated professional experiences making your social strategy. Our analytical and strategic know-how helps clients understand customer lifestyles, behaviours and needs. Work With Us To: Increase brand awareness and publicity of your business Penetrate target markets through word-of-mouth marketing Attract new and loyal customers Increase your brand visibility and achieve higher ROI Keep your customers engaged to your brand Generate interest in your product / service Drive quality traffic to your website Strengthen your digital presence Boost brand awareness Increase SEO rankings User engagement and retention through effective blogging We use social media platform to gain exposure and sales for your brand These days, it’s easy for businesses to sign up for Facebook or Twitter. The trick lies in exploiting social media to strengthen your message or product. Here at Softwindtech, we think of ourselves as the vigor stimulating the social media: We are experts at exploiting these platforms to take full advantage of our clients’ online impact. LinkedIn- we set up company pages and connect the world’s professionals through advertising which generates leads for B2B. Facebook- we first architect company facebook strategy and voice by analyzing products/services, target audience and consumer niche; then formulate the implementation plan with a combination of following facebook tactics: Facebook likes advertisement Sponsored stories, Facebook application Quizzes & Games Voice of Customer Polling Youtube- we construct brand channels, video ads, mobile ads to create engaging videos, dominate SEO, and improve search rankings on both YouTube and Google. Twitter- to increase Business brand loyalty we incorporate promoted Tweets targeting particular demographics and interest. Blogging- we use formal and informal business blog to provide voice for your brand that informs, engages and converts your website visitors.

Facebook marketing Service

Facebook world’s largest social Media  platform,With over 600 million users and  enterprises worldwide  on facebook, Day by day increase facebook new user. there is no best  way to connect with your target audience and build top-of-mind recall. For impulse purchase categories (e.g. restaurants, Gift item, fashion products, books), Facebook is an attractive channel for lead generation and brand raputation as well. Social Media bring up your Brand in Product, E-commerce, Healthcare, Real Estate, Education, Hospital and Media.

Why partner with connect Bangladesh ltd. in Facebook Marketing Services?

  1. We help to boost your facebook Visibility.
  2. We ensure in-depth customer engagement.
  3. We generate more Leads.
  4. We are capable by experience to model the best Facebook Marketing Campaign for your needs.
  5. We increasing Web Traffic from Facebook.
  6. Fan Page Design/Development/Optimization.
  7. We Develop your brand.

Connect Bangladesh offer Facebook Marketing Services

  1. Facebook Marketing Strategy according to partners needs to reach among targeted audience.
  2. Facebook Page Management.
  3. Facebook Promotion by creating a viral buzz facilitated by sharing page posts and cross channel integration.
  4. Facebook Advertising.
  5. Facebook Ad Campaigns.
  6. Facebook Campaign Management.
  7. Training to client staff to get the maximum benefits out from the custom made Facebook campaign for their business.
  8. Facebook Campaign Maintenance.
  9. Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis and Optimization.
  10. Increasing your Fan or like Count (Targeted Fans Only!)
  11. Reputation Management.