What is Online SMS Marketing?
Online Mobile SMS Marketing is one of the most effective, reliable and cost effective ways to market to your clients and businesses. Because SMS is extremely personal, therefore the response ratio is much higher than other marketing channels. In Bangladesh more than 100 million people are using mobile phone. Is your business ready to communicate to this market through SMS Marketing?

BULK SMS will help you to integrate SMS marketing solutions into your mix in order to maximize your next campaign. It can even help you develop comprehensive database of your consumers throughout Bangladesh.

Mobile SMS marketing and broadcasting are changing the way we communicate in Bangladesh. Text messaging is now a serious distribution channel that gives you the power to deliver your message directly into the hands of your audience, and create new revenue generating opportunities in the Bangladesh.

Mobile SMS Marketing is an innovative method of promotion and advertising which uses technology of mobile and wireless communication to forward your company’s messages to thousands of targeted customers.


Online SMS Marketing Technology:
Online Mobile SMS Gateway is designed using advanced technology and an up-to date method that helps you provide maximum uptime and importantly maximum message delivery. It gets easily SMS enabled within your business for any website or applications you are using with our SMS Gateway.


Online SMS Interface:
HTTP Interface. You can send SMS from this HTTP panel interface.


Benefits of online SMS Marketing:

  • SMS Marketing Will Generate More New Clients.
  • More Business Will Be Generated From Existing Clients.
  • Gross Profit Margin Must Be Improved.
  • Extremely Cost Effective.
  • No or little Waste
  • Immediate Delivery
  • Economical
  • Professional Impact on customers
  • 21st Century Marketing


AIM FOR online SMS Marketing:

  • SMS Marketing is Direct Communication with Customer.
  • Branding
  • Making Profit
  • Product Positioning
  • Promotional
  • Sales Increase
  • Nationwide Campaign


Special Features of TECH DOMAIN online SMS Marketing:

  • Delivering 250+ SMS per second
  • User Friendly web interface
  • Supported Language (English & bangle[Unicode format])
  • With Numerous SMS at a time, on single click
  • With Millions of SMS per day delivery capacity
  • Multiple SMS group create option
  • Unlimited group and address book create option
  • Single or group SMS sending option with auto scheduling
  • Real Time SMS Delivery Report
  • Report can be transfer CSV or Excel format
  • UPto 48 Hours resend queue if the destination number is out of network or switched off
  • We don’t have setup fee for our services
  • 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM online/telephonic Support
  • Security: 100% Security and Privacy Protection


Supported Operation:





SMS Details:
1. Sender: Masking (Customize Name) [Max 11 Character]
2. SMS Text: 160 Character (with space) in one (01) SMS


• Real Time SMS Delivery Report
• SMS delivery report (3 number will replaced by XYZ). If you use our database


Important Note:
1. Client should be ensured SMS delivery or SMS sending confirmation from Real Time SMS Delivery report
2. If any invalid mobile number include in database then charge will be applicable for these number.
3. Client must provide sender name and SMS text
4. We don’t provide or sell any mobile number to client.


Financial Details

Package (Volume)
Total Cost**
Package 01 (5000 SMS)
0.95 Taka
4750.00 Taka
Bangla link per SMS 1.10 Tk
Package 02 (10000 SMS)
0.90 Taka
9000.00 Taka
Bangla link per SMS 1.00 Tk
Package 03 (15000 SMS)
0.85 Taka
12750.00 Taka
Bangla link per SMS 1.00 Tk
Package 04 (20000 SMS)
0.80 Taka
16000.00 Taka
Bangla link per SMS 0.95 Tk
Package 05 (50000 SMS)
0.75 Taka
37500.00 Taka
Bangla link per SMS 0.90 Tk
Package 06 (01 Lac SMS)
0.70 Taka
70000.00 Taka
Bangla link per SMS 0.85 Tk
Package 07 (02 Lac SMS)
0.65 Taka
130000.00 Taka
Bangla link per SMS 0.80 Tk

*Supported Operator: GP/Robi/Airtel/Teletalk/Banglalink
** All price excluding VAT and other govt. charges and it is approximate price


1. 100% advance with work order
2. Price excluding (15% VAT) and other govt charges. If anything needed please add with offer price.

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