Zotac has started its journey in Bangladesh with different products. On last Wednesday, UCC arranged a program to announce the launching of the brand in local market. CEO of UCC Sarwar Mahmud Khan, Zotac Intl’ country manager Dipak Gupta, representative of Nvidia Graphics Atul Mona were present at the program. Representatives from more than hundred computer shops working with UCC were also present there. At the very beginning of the program, Sarwar Mahmud Khan told about possibilities and future of Zotac graphics card. He said, “Zotac graphics cards have 5 years of warranty which will increase the demand of these products.” He also thanked all the dealers.

Mr. Dipak Gupta represented a scenario of Zotac’s extending of business in different countries. He also describe different features of Zotac graphics cards. Graphics chipset manufacturer Nvidia’s representative Atul Mona presented a report on graphics card after that. At last, product manager of UCC Mr. Zynus Salekin Fahad came to the stage and introduced gaming team ‘Red Vipers’ to the guests.

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