Strength of Marketing and PR

When I was a kid, I used to watch my favorite cartoon show on TV and then suddenly TV commercials would pop up out of nowhere. That was, you know, really annoying. But for some group of people they are essential. TV commercials, Advertisement and other types of marketing approaches; are they really that important? Well, then let’s find out what they really do or can do.

Last month my smartphone got stolen and I thought about buying a new one. But, I wasn’t sure which to pick. So, I asked my friend for advice and he told about new models of Huawei, suggesting that they are really good. Few days later, I bought Huawei Y6 Pro 2019. Now, the question is, how did he know these smartphones are good?

The answer is he did some research on internet and found some review post which detailed the features of many smartphones and he suggested me the best choices around my budget. These review posts are one of the marketing strategies help people learn about product through the internet and people like me who are looking for something like that get to make the right choice. On the other hand, Huawei manage to sell their phone. Now if I show off my new phone to some other friend, they may buy some seeing mine. Wow! Huawei is going to make a serious profit. So, in the end, marketing came in handy.

 Let’s talk about other companies, like, fast food companies. I, basically, have never eaten McDonald or Domino’s pizza but I know they are really tasty. How do I know? May be because I heard people talking about it so much or may be because I have seen interesting advertisement on TV. Some people tasted their foods and reviewed in some blog posts. Sometimes, I saw posters, banners on the road. These are the ways of telling that “Yes, we are here. Come and try some.” Now everyone know these names: KFC, McDonald, Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.


Now, take a look at the stories of big companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Apple. They are really popular companies around the world. There are scarcely any person who has never heard these names. We know how they started their journey and the challenges the faced. We can find their back stories in many articles all over the internet. Is it also processes of marketing? I think it is a way of building trust among people. Well of course, their service is also noteworthy. But, think about it. Why did we start using their service in the first place?

The simple answer is, somehow they managed to engrave trust for them deep in our mind. As we saw so much advertisement, news and heard so much from other’s experience, we subconsciously begun to believe in them. This is strength of marketing.

No matter how good service you provide, you are nobody if people doesn’t know about you.  First and foremost, people must know that your company or brand does exist. Making people believe that your service is the best choice for them comes next. Then attracting people towards your services helps you get clients or customers or consumers. One by one, the number of clients or consumers increase and your brand or company becomes famous.

Now, you can make marketing strategies on your own or get help from PR agencies; the choice is yours. But, one thing is certain that PR and marketing help brand or company grow.     

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