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With our world class media monitoring and social media listening service,  Connect PR provides media intelligence solutions from monitoring to analysis. We cover both traditional and digital media in national and local level in the country.

As an organization, it is a subject of utmost importance to track their story across all media platforms including newspapers, blogs, magazines, Facebook, Twitter etc. Moreover, paying attention to any of their negative stories on the traditional or social media may help to identify their shortcomings. But you don’t need worry about all these. Because we are always eager to give you a hand regarding these tasks. Just Keep your eyes on our media digest and monitoring report. Our detailed report will tell you what people are saying about your business and service.

We design the media reports without any complicated data representation. Our reports are formed using graphical representation of data including image, chart map etc. to make it easily understandable. 

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Print Media
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Social Media Monitoring
News Alert 24x7
Executive Media Summaries
Social Media Alert 24x7

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