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Connect PR has expanded into all sort of effective marketing strategies through all these years of active service. We are now professionally expert in copywriting services. Connect PR has a copywriting service team of professionals consists of commercial content writers who excel at remarkable accent, style and subject matter with skilled content marketing strategists and project managers. We assure you can count on our team that converses to your target audience, derives commercial results and sticks to your deadlines.

From corporate profile to editorial materials, our copywriting services act on developing articles that build brand awareness and improve visibility for search engines, at the same time focus on generating leads and cultivating conversions. Our copywriters are not freelance!  We hire the very best professionals with noteworthy copywriting skills and who are knowledgeable in producing business copy in niche verticals. So, it is essential to take the time and care. 

Effective copywriting narrates a story. Google search engine algorithms are updating in regular basis that helps to dig out the best possible answers for searchers queries. For that purpose, Over the time google concentrated its focus strongly on effective, user-friendly content. Due to that, only knowing how to write or writing well is not enough. Our content marketing experts know how to write exactly in a way that serves both people and algorithms. 

We originate content marketing strategies keeping in mind your core values and your audiences’ wants, needs, and preferred ways of consuming content. Content is a very powerful weapon in marketing strategy in the modern age.

What We Do For You

  • Corporate Profile

Well-written corporate profile describes company history such as year of establishment, location of head office and other branches, along with company motto, objectives and goals. A good profile reflects company overall achievements, culture, goals and unique strength. It plays a big role on building trust in consumers.

  • Corporate Tone Of Voice

Corporate tone of voice is key element of any brand or company that defines its personality. Tone of voice may differ from the one for brand to the one for company. It helps to express organization’s irreversible value and corporate culture. A properly written tone of voice gives a notion of solidity, credibility, and righteousness.

  • Editorial Material

Editorial materials such as press release, feature articles, opinion pieces, interviews etc are designed not for the use of commercial marketing or advertisement to sell something. these contents fill the role of informing, educating and entertaining people along with keeping the target audiences updated about organizations growth, new product or service, updates of current services. 

  • Translation Service

Corporate documents such as trade license, TIN certificate, VAT certificate, IRC & ERC certificate, income tax return, tax acknowledgment, decree and judgment, affidavit, agreement, power of attorney, partnership deed, business agreement etc. often need translation service to be applicable in various countries. 

  • Content For Conferences

Form marketing point of view, major industry conferences attract attention most of the target audiences. Many of them may be physically present observing the objective of the conference. that’s why the content must be focused on the target audiences on the key topics.

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